Assessing Sales Rep Competency Before It Affects Results

Ensure you can best assess and create high-functioning, winning teams!

Often sales organizations rely on just a few “rock stars” to hit their numbers, along with a few mediocre reps who surprisingly pull out a big deal on the last day of the quarter.

The result: massive uncertainty as the quarter winds down on who will hit their goals. Sound familiar?

How can you replace this uncertainty with a confident view of every sellers’ likely performance? How can you know which reps need more training and coaching before it’s too late? No More Surprises: Assessing Sales Rep Competency Before It Affects Results

This eBook shares results of a brand-new market study that uncovers:

  • The right metrics to easily and accurately assess sales competency
  • The factors that contribute most to fast quota achievement with new hires
  • The actions to take when assessments indicate competency gaps

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