Customer Story

BNY Mellon’s User-generated Sales Learning Content


At BNY Mellon, Vice President & Head of Internal Sales Vincent DeRose noted that content creators such as portfolio managers and portfolio specialists required a lot of rehearsal to hone their messages and trim the videos to a concise five or eight minutes.

“One obstacle was portfolio managers wanting to talk for 45 minutes,” said DeRose. “We needed them to get their messages tight because most viewers will zone out after five or six minutes.

“The other hurdle was getting some of them comfortable with not delivering a perfect performance. Our portfolio managers are used to being highly produced when they’re on a video that goes on our website. So I said, ‘Let’s not worry about this video being perfectly lit and everything coming out of your mouth sounding like silk. If you can get the message across, that’s the goal. Trust me: you’ll be getting it across in a much easier and digestible manner.’”

Because not everyone is familiar with creating and accessing videos via Allego, Junius suggested that companies introduce the platform at a national event.

“We rolled it out at our national sales meeting to get everybody comfortable with it. It was as simple as ‘record your biggest win of 2017.’ Or, you get a sales manager to video a welcome message, and throw in some pre-work items that get people to use the platform.”  DeRose added that doing it this way also pre-populated their Allego instance with useful content that helped increase adoption right away.