9 Steps to Personalization: Create a Customized Sales Process

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Buyers love it when they receive personalized attention. It catches their attention and improves the customer experience. Plus, it helps sellers stand out from the competition and win more deals.

Personalizing your sales approach, however, is more than using the buyer’s name in emails or knowing where the person works. It involves tailoring each step of the buying process—including your pitch, presentation, follow-up, and close—to accurately address the needs, pain points, and challenges of a customer.

In this checklist, we give you action items to help you personalize every stage of the sales cycle to create more engaging, customized buying experiences.

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Keep this checklist by your side as you plan your outreach to buyers, prepare for and conduct meetings, and follow up post-meeting to ensure you give buyers personalized experiences that lead to new business and happy customers who feel valued.

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