Content That Works: How to Activate Sellers with Better Sales Content

70% of new sales content is never used. Is your content driving sales conversations—and results?

To keep your sellers ahead of the competition and hitting their targets, they need access to the most timely, relevant, and impactful materials.

But it’s not enough to simply make assets available—sellers must know how to use these resources and when to deploy them in the sales process.

Join Jessica Peck, Sales Content Manager at Allego, and Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego, to learn how you can improve your content strategy to activate your sellers with the materials and knowledge they need to produce results.

You’ll learn:

  • Why most sales content is never used and how to avoid 4 common mistakes
  • Best practices to equip sellers with the information they need to deliver the perfect pitch every time
  • New ways to improve content relevance and maximize content adoption by sellers
  • Tactics to speed up your content production timeline and reduce costs
  • How sales enablement technology can help you deliver the knowledge, content, collaboration, and insights to drive results

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