Convenient, Relevant and Effective: The Seller’s Content Dream

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Companies today spend millions creating and deploying sales content—yet many of them struggle to use it effectively, especially in remote and hybrid environments.

The result? Wasted investments, wasted time, and overall poor sales performance.

It doesn’t have to be this way. When content is relevant and drives peer-to-peer engagement, it can be the difference-maker your sales reps need to hit their targets.

Join Eric Gellinger, National Training Manager at Endologix, as he shares how the medical device company leverages bite-sized, customized content to streamline onboarding and reinforce learning, plus how Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) help their reps stand out from the competition.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How creating a one-stop content management system is critical for 100% user adoption
  • Why DSRs are changing the game for Endologix sales reps
  • Best practices for continually “feeding” your sales team with relevant content
  • The importance of a self-serve environment in which reps can access content when they need it — and on any device
  • How getting every department involved is essential for compliance and peer-to-peer learning

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Eric Gellinger, National Training Manager, Endologix
Eric is the National Training Manager for Endologix, and has held various roles for the last 8 years including, Clinical Specialist, Sr. Clinical Specialist Trainer, Aortic Therapy Manager, and Clinicals Specialist Manager. Previously, he worked as a Vascular Radiologic Technologist at IU Health Indianapolis.


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