Crowdsourcing Your Sales Method: How to Mine Best Practices from your Sales Team

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You have a vital mission as a sales professional to generate revenue for your company and ensure its continued success. But in today’s selling landscape, buyers are more educated than ever. You need a way to cut through the noise and navigate complexity.

Join our webinar on  September 28th to learn a sales method that stands the test of time. You’ll learn practical ways to:

  • Adopt an executive mindset by learning how your buyers think
  • Build credibility by developing financially driven points of view
  • Communicate with impact by speaking your buyer’s language

We will share practical tips and frameworks, and you will hear stories from Executive buyers about what they expect (but rarely get) from sellers.

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Dan Smaida, Boatman Learning
Dan Smaida has spent 23 years helping companies develop, implement, and embed sales methodology and process.  Dan has worked with leading companies on six continents, including several of the Fortune 100.  Dan is also the author of “Love and Selling,” a book that helps consultative sellers replace behaviors that make them salesy.  Email Dan at


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