Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Learning Technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been touted as a game changer for learning technology. What that means, however, remains a source of confusion for many L&D teams. Will AI actually improve learning, is it too soon to implement, or is this merely wishful thinking?

AI can, in fact, be applied to learning now. Many organizations just don’t know where or how to implement it.

This new eBook from Allego and Brandon Hall Group eliminates any confusion, providing details about how sales teams use AI to improve team performance. In it, they present key research findings to help you understand the benefits of AI and how you can apply it to your learning, training, and coaching.

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  • The difference between AI, augmented intelligence, and machine learning
  • 7 ways AI can be used in learning
  • How AI helps managers coach top performers—and coach more reps
  • How sellers can use AI to sharpen their skills

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