Elevate Your Sales Team: The 3 Essential Questions for 2024

In today’s dynamic sales landscape, understanding your customers’ needs and desires is the key to unlocking your team’s potential. The art of discovery is the linchpin of your sales approach.

Join Mark Magnacca, President & Co-Founder at Allego, and Spencer Wixom, CEO of The Brooks Group, as they delve deep into the world of effective questioning and unveil the three essential sales skills your team needs to master in 2024.

In this on-demand session, you will gain insights into:

  • Proven best practices for optimal opportunity preparation
  • Strategies for executing a winning sales call
  • How to harness the undeniable power of strategic questioning
  • The often overlooked, yet critical, factor of value-added selling

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Spencer Wixom, CEO, The Brooks Group

Spencer Wixom is the President & CEO of The Brooks Group. His primary responsibility is leading the organization to deliver transformational performance improvement in our client’s sales teams. This is done by harnessing the collective effort and expertise of the Brooks Executive team and empowering market-leading talent up and down the organization.

Spence joined The Brooks Group in December 2022 after many years leading global teams as an executive in the sales transformation space, including marketing, sales enablement, research and analytics, and client success.

Spence has worked previously at CEB, Gartner, and Challenger. He is frequently invited to speak to corporate and global audiences on developing sales capability, coaching, leadership, sales & marketing operations, and commercial strategy. He is also an adjunct professor of sales & marketing at The University of Texas, Dallas, which is the city he calls home with his wife and three children.



Mark Magnacca, President & Co-founder, Allego

Mark Magnacca is President and Co-Founder of Allego. Prior to Allego, Mark was President of Insight Development Group, a sales enablement and consulting firm that specialized in financial services. During this time, Mark helped his clients enable their sales teams more effectively and scale their efforts using technology. Mark is also the co-author of Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success with Yuchun Lee and Tony Jeary. The book redefined virtual selling for sales executives and their teams in financial services, medical device, high tech, and manufacturing. Mark hosts The Adapter’s Advantage podcast, in which sales and training leaders across industries share stories of overcoming challenging situations that help viewers adapt to a rapidly changing world. Mark is a graduate of Babson College and a participant in The Strategic Coach program.

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