Essential Sales Manager Skills

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Being a sales manager is a demanding role, with an ever-changing set of priorities, skills, and expectations. Today’s sales managers face tremendous pressure to achieve ambitious targets. Now more than ever, you need to up your game to increase productivity.

We reached out to international sales coaches seeking answers to this question: What Are Your Top Three Sales Manager Skills?

These six experts describe the skills that today’s sales managers must have to succeed in a hybrid sales world. See how you can be a more successful manager and how to master  coaching, onboarding, team motivation, pipeline management and more.

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  • Craig Eggleton, President & Ceo, Sales Bullpen
  • Carole Mahoney, Founder, Chief Sales Coach, Unbound Growth
  • Aaron Prickel, Vice President/Owner, Lushin Inc.
  • Steve McCullough, Founder, B2B Sales Coach, Buyer Aligned Selling
  • Adam Zais, VP Business Development, Kurland & Assoc.
  • Mary Groth, CEO, SalesBQ

Find out how to be a more effective sales manager and empower your sales team to drive revenue.

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