Faster, Stronger, Better: Improving Sales Results with High-Impact Coaching

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Today’s sales managers face tremendous pressure to achieve ambitious targets. Now more than ever, leaders need to up their game to increase productivity. But how can you help your sales reps perform better? How can you understand where they’re falling short, why they’re making these missteps, and how to help them improve?

Join Tim Sullivan, VP of Business Development at Richardson Sales Performance, and Richard Smith, VP of Sales at Allego, as they discuss the three greatest challenges sales managers face today and learn actionable ways to overcome them, including real-world use cases of conversation intelligence.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Deliver personalized coaching that sticks
  • Leverage conversation intelligence to make sales managers more efficient and effective coaches
  • Identify and understand skill gaps at the individual and team level
  • Spot and address specific mistakes and missed opportunities throughout prospect and customer calls
  • Replicate success and amplify best practices

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richard smith headshotRich Smith, VP of Sales, Allego
Richard Smith is VP of Sales at Refract – An Allego Company. He fell into the profession after leaving University with an underwhelming Computer Science degree. He has performed all sales roles from lead generation to revenue contributor, and now leads a growing team. He is passionate about coaching and developing others, particularly those just starting their career.



tim sullivan headshotTim Sullivan, Vice President of Business Development, Richardson Sales Performance
Tim Sullivan brings over three decades years of sales, marketing and management consulting experience to his role as vice president of business development at Richardson Sales Performance. Tim works with clients to configure sales performance improvement solutions to achieve their desired results. He brings a wealth of knowledge about effective sales process, selling methods, account management and sales management practices.

A popular public speaker on advanced sales and marketing topics, Tim has addressed audiences at dozens of client meetings, industry conferences and academic venues. He is co-author of “The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World”, published by John Wiley & Sons, and “The Solution Selling Fieldbook”, published by McGraw-Hill.

Tim holds a BBA degree from the University of Notre Dame and resides in Athens, Georgia.

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