For Sellers, By Sellers: The Power of Personalization in Sales – On-Demand Webinar

As sellers, you know that grabbing a prospect’s attention (and sustaining it) is at the core of your role. However, navigating today’s flooded digital space and trying to break through the current noise to reach your prospects can be difficult.

No longer is an email, a piece of content, or an event enough to connect with your prospects. Buyers are now seeking personalized experiences, designed specifically for them, their challenges, and their industry. They expect extra efforts to be made for them to consider making a buying decision.

This is where the art of personalization in sales can make a tremendous difference.

Join three seasoned sales reps from Allego, Alyce, and Engagio as they discuss:

  • What personalization is, what it’s not, and why it’s important
  • How to execute your personalization strategies and which resources, technology systems, and internal teams to utilize
  • Ways to scale your personalization efforts to ensure you remain productive and efficient while being relevant, relatable and respectful toward your prospects
  • The results and success stories between personalized vs. non-personalized efforts


  • Devyn Blume, Account Executive, Allego
  • Bobby Eaton, Senior Account Executive, Alyce
  • Brett Samurin, Manager Mid-Market Sales, Engagio

Watch On-Demand