From Rookie to Powerhouse: Transforming Sellers with Enablement

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When sellers don’t understand your product or aren’t aligned on messaging, they’re setting potential customers up to take a terrible buyer journey. Not only that, but when your reps aren’t aligned on improvement metrics or large scale changes, their efforts are doomed..

Not knowing those things impacts every aspect of your business: from closing deals, to collaborating across departments, to selling effectively. The secret weapon to transforming your sales reps from rookies to big-league players? Enablement! Sales enablement is the driving force for getting your sellers aligned, refined, and selling like pros.

Get the recording of this session where we will explain how to tap the power of sales enablement. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How enablement can help organizations overcome competing priorities, multiple stakeholders, and a lack of understanding
  • The importance of developing and managing sales content with impact and clarity
  • How to craft clearly defined roles and goals, as well as best practices for communicating them
  • What it takes to enable teams in a hybrid environment

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deniz olcay headshotDeniz Olcay
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Allego
Deniz has had a sales-centric background from the start, including working in the sales training industry at RAIN Group where he was directly responsible for creating learning programs to help sellers sell more effectively.

In his previous role at Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) he was the VP of Product Marketing, managing a portfolio of 12+ products representing over $650M in annual revenue. He played a pivotal role in training a 500+ person sales team and is intimately familiar with the challenges of arming sellers with the knowledge and tools to be successful in selling virtually.


Jessica Peck
Sales Content Manager, Allego
Jessica is a Sales Content Manager at Allego.  She is responsible for Allego’s internal sales content management adoption by Sales.  She also works closely with Sales and Marketing to generate, activate, and distribute learning content and programs to our sales team.  Prior to Allego, Jessica spent five years at Salesforce, focused on course development and learning design.







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