Getting Sellers Engaged: What Motivates Sellers to Use Your Content?

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Do you struggle to get your reps to use the sales and marketing content you provide?

Marketing teams spend hours creating sales content. But even the most compelling collateral gets wasted, not to mention the marketers’ time, if you can’t persuade your sellers to use it.

Not only that, but often sellers recreate the content—spending hours creating slide decks, briefs, data sheets, and more. That’s time that they should have spent selling.

Why does this happen—and how can you make it stop?

New research from Allego and B2B DecisionLabs reveals three key aspects that significantly affect sellers’ willingness to use product-focused sales content.

Download the Getting Sellers Engaged report to learn what they are and how to transform the sales/marketing relationship.

getting sellers engaged report

In the report, you will learn:

  • Who should present the content to sellers. Should it be a sales leader, a product marketing manager, or a high-performing peer?
  • What kind of story and approach the presenter should use to get sellers bought in
  • How adding a reflective activity impacts sellers’ willingness to use the content

Download Getting Sellers Engaged today to learn the most effective approach for getting sellers to use your sales content in their customer conversations.

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