Gone in 8 Seconds: Overcoming Buyers’ Shrinking Attention Span

Buyers are savvier, buying teams are larger, and, new research shows buyer’s attention spans have dropped to just 8 seconds. 

The old approach of blasting buyers with email-heavy, generic communications no longer works. 

Instead, buyers need to be surrounded with relevant communications and personalized, self-service content throughout their journey. This puts them in the driver’s seat while empowering your sellers to maintain control of the sale..

During this live event, Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego, will explain how to empower sellers to create customized and immersive buying experiences, revealing 3 primary elements to add to your go-to-market approach:

  • Align revenue and buying teams through collaborative, modern experiences
  • Maintain presence in your absence with Digital Sales Rooms
  • Drive future engagement with real-time data on interactions and past success

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Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego

Jake Miller joined Allego at commercial launch as the founding product marketer. Jake is passionate about sales performance and incorporates his experience as a commission-only salesperson in the high-ticket retail world into his approach for product marketing at Allego.

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