“Something to Talk About” – How Agile Learning Powers Trusted Conversations for Wholesalers and Advisors

Presenter: Joe Kringdon, Principal at Kringdon & Associates

Advisors always want to provide the most engaging and relevant information to their clients, but many lack the deep knowledge and confidence necessary to become a consistently trusted resource.

How do you cut through the noise to ensure your voice is the one your clients listen to most?

In this free Allego webinar, financial services veteran Joe Kringdon discusses the importance of arming advisors with timely talking points, as well as how sales readiness technology can help ensure those points are always at your fingertips.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Where many advisors fail when attempting to communicate value to their prospects
  • How to sift through the chaos of today’s information overloaded world and find the issues that truly matter to your clients
  • How to develop “relationship alpha” using timely talking points from internal experts
  • Why innovations in sales technology make it easier than ever to deliver valuable information to prospects and clients at exactly the right time

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