How New Cognitive Technologies Will Guide Sales Training and Enablement

Sales leaders could be forgiven their skepticism when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tech marketers (including many in the sales effectiveness space) are quick to brand any computational capability as “AI,” while pundits have been touting AI’s disruptive impact seemingly for decades. Nevertheless, AI, and the cognitive technologies derived from it, such as machine learning, are beginning to manifest an influence in a number of areas impacting sales management. One such area is in salesperson learning and development, sales enablement platforms, and the delivery of targeted management coaching.

In this web panel we consider how AI and machine learning are enhancing management decisions in these areas, and provide insight into what management can expect as these technologies continue to evolve.

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Michelle Vazzana, Chief Strategy Officer, VantagePoint Performance

Wayne St Amand, Chief Marketing Officer, Allego

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