How On-the-Go Learning Transforms the Seller Experience

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In an increasingly hybrid and distributed workforce, relying on in-person and live online training is no longer good enough to drive meaningful results. There’s too much to cover, competition for learners’ attention is fierce, and delivering a truly flexible and personalized learning experience is more important than ever.

Learning needs to happen at the moment of need—and in the flow of work—to deliver meaningful impact. It sounds easy, but doing this well can be more challenging than it seems.

In this on-demand webinar, Natalie Kelly, Director of Commercial Effectiveness at Recordati, explains how she keeps her training relevant, digestible, and on-demand.

Specifically, you’ll learn how Recordati:

  • Fine-tunes their reps’ readiness with just-in-time learning
  • Hyper-personalized video to drive better relationships and more revenue
  • Develops and shares content with both buyers and sellers
  • Boosts team performance through continual and engaging peer-to-peer learning

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Natalie Kelly, Director of Commercial Effectiveness at Recordati Rare Diseases
Natalie has had a pharmaceutical background from the start beginning in 1999 which includes 17 years in sales and the past 6 years in sales training.  Natalie has a proven track record of successful product launches in primary care, specialty and orphan/rare disease markets.  As a multi-award recipient including the Pinnacle Award, President’s Cup and the Senior Leadership Team’s MVP Award, Natalie understands the need for creating learning programs to assist sales representatives with selling more effectively.  Natalie plays a pivotal role in training a 34 person commercial team and is intimately familiar with the challenges of arming a team with the knowledge and tools to be successful in selling virtually.


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