How to Coach your Team for Prospecting Success

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Prospects know more about your solution than ever–and that’s before you even connect with them. In addition, they are very reluctant to give up precious time to meet with sellers. It’s critical, therefore, to get every touchpoint right. That first conversation must be highly personalized and resonant, speaking to the buyer’s specific pain points.

With the right training and prospecting strategy, sales leaders and enablers can put reps in a position to not only connect with the right prospects, but connect with confidence to drive meetings and pipeline.

Join Ollie Whitfield, Growth Marketing Manager at VanillaSoft; Michael Hanson, CEO at Growth Genie; and Erika Bzdel, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Allego, as they walk through how to effectively coach and execute prospecting strategies.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • 3 rock-solid principles of effective hybrid sales training
  • The secret ingredients to successful cold email programs
  • How to move beyond phone and email with alternative prospecting methods
  • How to equip your team to overcome the most common objections

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michael hanson headshotMichael Hanson, CEO, Growth Genie
Michael Hanson is a seasoned Sales and Marketing expert, sales consultant, and founder of Growth Genie – a sales consultancy, which helps companies book more qualified meetings and close more deals through in-depth sales training. He is also the co-founder of enMotion, which helps farmers water their crops using solar irrigation systems, and allows communities who live without electricity, to have access to light using solar-powered battery banks.


ollie whitfield headshotOllie Whitfield, Growth Marketing Manager, VanillaSoft
Ollie Whitfield is the Product Marketing Manager for Autoklose, a VanillaSoft company. He spends his time experimenting with new prospecting techniques, cold calling tactics and cold email strategies. When lockdown is over, he’s going back to the Pool hall and the football pitch as soon as possible!



Erika Bzdel, EVP of Enterprise Sales, Allego
Erika Bzdel is VP of Sales at Allego, responsible for growing the company’s customer base, revenue and profitability. A proven sales professional, Erika excels in defining customer challenges and developing solutions.

Prior to Allego, Erika was VP of Sales, North America for Millward Brown Digital, responsible for the achievement of the company’s client acquisition, strategic partnerships and revenue goals. In this role, she oversaw the strategy and management of sales operations, including the business development field teams and Enterprise sales teams. She previously held sales and consulting roles with Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney

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