How to Develop a Team of Sales Superstars

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Sales management is often a key leverage point in developing a team of sales superstars. In fact, sellers are 63%(!) more likely to be a Top Performer when they have an effective sales manager, regular coaching, and effective training, according to RAIN Group’s global study on The Top-Performing Sales Manager.

But what makes for an effective manager? What exactly do they do to drive top performance? What do managers of top performing teams do differently than other sales managers?

Join us for an on-demand webinar and learn which skills today’s sales managers must have and how to drive and inspire top sales performance. Andy Springer, Chief Client Officer at RAIN Group, and Bob Basiliere, VP of Sales at Allego, will hand you the keys to enable sellers to consistently exceed sales targets, keep them motivated, and reduce the burden of coaching without sacrificing a personalized experience.

You’ll learn:
– The fundamentals for developing your sales reps into superstars
– Why rhythm and frequency are essential for great sales managers
– How to transition into a collaborative coaching culture
– The playbook for how sellers adopt the skills and behaviors needed to exceed their targets

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Andy Springer, Chief Client Officer, RAIN Group
Andy is an expert in sales high performance and co-author of the best-seller “Virtual Selling: How to Build Relationships, Differentiate, and Win Sales Remotely.” Andy has worked with hundreds of sales teams to drive long-lasting sales improvement for SME, mid-market, enterprise, and government clients. In addition, Andy co-founded two successful consultancies and has been a lead advisor to many thriving start-ups in the Australian Business community.




bob basiliere headshot

Bob Basiliere, VP Sales, Allego
Bob is a sales and marketing leader with 25 years of experience leading global organizations. Bob is currently the Vice President of Account Management at Allego, where he is responsible for growing and expanding Allego’s footprint in their existing account base. Prior to joining Allego, Bob spent 20 years in various leadership roles in Customer Programs, Sales Operations, and Marketing at EMC/Dell Technologies. Earlier in his career, he held positions in sales, sales management, and sales operations in the IBM and Microsoft VAR communities.




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