How to Fix Your Broken Virtual Onboarding and Training Programs

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Wow!  Sales Training and Onboarding Is Tougher Than Ever! How do you address the challenges of high turnover and remote learning?

New sales reps are unlikely to retain what they learn with repurposed day-long zoom sessions.

There’s a better way.

Use a modern sales enablement platform to engage your remote teams. You’ll see higher win rates and shorter new hire ramp times.

Join this live webinar to make virtual onboarding and training programs come alive, ramp up retention and close more deals.

You’ll learn:

  • How to onboard, train, coach, and collaborate virtually with sales readiness technology
  • How to use mobile, recorded video, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing to replicate the in-person experience
  • How to speed up sales content creation, build engagement, and reinforce learning
  • How to mine sales conversations at scale for teachable moments and examples of what good looks like

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