How to Fix Your Sales Learning and Enablement in 2022

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No part of the business has been immune to the effects of the pandemic—especially sales.

The competitive landscape has changed dramatically, customer needs are adapting, and sales best practices are evolving. Sales teams have also been hit hard by the “great resignation.”

The world in which sales teams operate has changed dramatically—and the solutions they use to drive performance must change too.

Today, companies need tools and training that help sales teams perform better and create engaging buyer experiences.

This new eBook presents key research findings from Allego and Brandon Hall Group to help you fix sales learning and enablement so your sales team can thrive in this new environment.

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  • Top 5 most pressing sales training needs
  • Strategies for onboarding and training sales teams in a hybrid environment
  • 5 key elements of a robust sales enablement strategy
  • Tactics for effective sales coaching at scale
  • The new paradigm for deploying sales content


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