How to Make the Most of Your Sales Kickoff

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If you work in sales, chances are you’ve been to a fair few sales kick-off meetings. They usually take place at the very start of the year, typically in a hotel conference room somewhere or more commonplace for 2022, in a virtual meeting! Everyone in the sales team will be there, from wherever they operate in the country or the continent. It will usually last for one or possibly two days. It can be intense so how do we recommend you make this kick-off REALLY useful?

  • How do you make the most of the day itself and keep people engaged throughout?
  • How do you translate what’s discussed into action plans and set the tone for the year ahead?
  • Most importantly, how do you make sure the momentum and what’s discussed in the kick-off is carried through to the year ahead?

If these are questions you’re considering right now, you need this guide!

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