How to Navigate AI in Sales Without Losing the Human Touch

Companies are in growth mode, and AI has surfaced as a key technology to help sales teams drive new business and increase revenue. The challenge is understanding how to implement AI effectively to help sellers improve sales performance and enhance customer relationships without losing the human touch. 

Learn how AI can help you:

  • Help sellers use AI to be more effective versus just becoming more efficient
  • Identify coachable moments that lead to higher-impact conversations
  • Capture best practices from your top sellers
  • Create role-play exercises that provide sellers with real-time actionable feedback to create behavior change.

Whether you’re a sales leader already using AI or simply looking to learn more, join Ray Makela, GM of Talent Productivity at SRG, a part of SBI, and Jake Miller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Allego, to learn valuable insights to build confidence and clarity when implementing AI within your sales organization.

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Ray Makela, GM of Talent Productivity at SRG, a part of SBI

Ray is an author, speaker, and business executive with 25 years of management, consulting, and sales experience. At Sales Readiness Group (SRG), Ray oversees all client engagements and the delivery of sales and sales management training programs. He has delivered programs for clients such as Microsoft, Infor, Smartsheet, Alcon, Edwards Lifesciences, ABM Industries, HD Supply, Timken, and Walmart.


jake miller headshot


Jake Miller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Allego

Jake Miller joined Allego after commercial launch to help establish product marketing and lead ongoing strategic use case development and commercialization efforts. Jake is passionate about sales performance and incorporates his experience as a salesperson in the commission-only high-ticket retail world into his approach for product marketing at Allego.