How to Reassure Client-Facing Teams in Turbulent Times – On-Demand Webinar

Supply chain disruptions. Market volatility. Industry threats due to COVID-19. Uncertainty breeds anxiety. When there’s instability in every market, your client-facing teams need clear communication and guidance.

Find out how you can take the gray out. Watch the on-demand video to learn how technology can help maintain your momentum in today’s uncertain climate.

You’ll learn from two experienced financial services veterans about how their teams got through challenging times in the past, and how you can get results long after the virus has run its course.

In this webinar with Joseph D. Kringdon, former Managing Director, Columbia Threadneedle and President, Pioneer Investments, and Mark Magnacca, President and Co-Founder, Allego, you’ll discover:

  • How to share advice, market perspectives, product information, and recommendations easily with client-facing teams
  • How to use video-based collaboration to reach distributed teams and ensure consistent messaging
  • How to use mobile to help both new and seasoned advisors have better conversations
  • Tools to help product managers and advisors share best practices and handle objections in a volatile market

During uncertain times, information is a powerful ally. Learn how to increase relevance, reassure client-facing teams, and overcome resistance in real time.

Watch On-Demand