How to Replicate ‘A’ Players for Continued Sales Success

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Key person dependency is a common flaw across businesses in all industries and sectors, and it’s becoming more of a problem than ever. The current economic climate and the need to do more with your existing time and resources, only emphasizes the vital need to preserve and share knowledge within enterprise.

When an employee leaves a company for whatever reason, they take with them invaluable, unique experience, customer insights, and product knowledge, critical to revenue generation and growth. To preserve this knowledge and share it broadly, companies must find a way to replicate ‘A’ players at scale.

Understanding and replicating ‘A’ player behavior is the best way to safeguard and retain knowledge within your business.

Join us for this on-demand webinar as we explore how to replicate ‘A’ player behavior for continued sales success.

Troy Korsgaden, highly sought-after insurance and financial services consultant of Korsgaden International and Nancy Sperry, VP, Strategic Partnership from Allego, will share:

  • 4 essential steps for knowledge sharing
  • How to create connections across your business internally
  • Tools you can harness to preserve and retain knowledge within your business.

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