How to Run an Effective 1-1 With Your Sales Reps

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Do you leverage call recordings during 1:1s with your sales reps?

If you’re a sales manager and you aren’t using calls to coach your team, this webinar will highlight all of the benefits you’re missing.

As a leader, you are often met with challenges, reluctance, and lack of motivation from your team.  The key to solving these issues is in your call recordings, enabling you to be a better coach and to drive your team to success.

Join Mark Ackers, Sales Director at Allego and Duane Dufualt, SaaS Growth Advisor and Allego Marketing Partner for this on-demand webinar where they will run through a tried and tested framework to help you with the following,

  • Common challenges faced by a sales manager
  • How to overcome reps’ reluctance to have their calls recorded
  • How to efficiently and effectively coach and develop a team at scale
  • How to empower your sales reps to be coaches themselves

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duane dufualt headshotDuane Dufualt, SaaS Growth Coach, Selling SaaS
My name is Duane Dufault. I’m a college drop out construction worker who made a complete shift in my life over a decade ago so I could be home for my kids. I’ve sold just about everything from newspapers, toilets and flooring, to printers door to door, SMB Saas, Mid-market, and all the way up to fortune 100 Enterprise Software. You name is, and I’ve sold it, sold into it, or helped someone sell it.
If not, chances are, it won’t take me long to help you figure it out.




mark ackers headshotMark Ackers, Sales Director, Allego
Mark Ackers is Sales Director at Allego, leading a team focused predominantly on helping companies globally leverage Allego’s powerful conversation intelligence module. Mark is also the Co-Author of the Number One best selling sales book “Problem Prospecting?!” His passion is for generating new business and all of the elements it comprises, from prospecting to closing.

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