How to Use Conversation Intelligence to Improve High-Tech Sales

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High-tech sales teams have a messaging problem. They’re not engaging buyers.

Research shows 84% of buyers say sales reps don’t effectively convey value when selling virtually. Other common mistakes: not personalizing the conversation, talking too much, and delivering the pitch too early.

With virtual selling here to stay, fixing those mistakes is critical. If you don’t, your sales reps won’t hit quota, revenue will be lost, sales team performance will suffer, and the company will struggle—and perhaps fail.

But you’re only one person, managing several sales reps—all of whom need customized coaching.

  • How can you improve an individual sales rep’s performance?
  • How do you get insight into where reps are falling short and why it happens?
  • How can you identify where revenue is being won and lost?
  • What can you do to help your team sell more effectively?
  • How do you coach multiple sellers located in different locations?

The answer is Conversation Intelligence.

Download our new eBrief to learn how AI-powered Conversation Intelligence can help you identify skill gaps, pinpoint where revenue is won or lost, prescribe training to fix specific behaviors that lose sales, and keep deals moving through the pipeline.

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In the eBrief, you’ll learn:

  • 5 common mistakes high-tech sales reps make when talking with buyers
  • How Conversation Intelligence works
  • 3 ways Conversation Intelligence improves high-tech sales
  • 6 must-have capabilities to look for in a Conversation Intelligence platform

With Conversation Intelligence, not only will your productivity skyrocket, but so will your sales reps’—and they will win more deals and achieve greater success.

Download the eBrief to get started today.

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