In-Person, Then Virtual, Now Hybrid: Reinventing SKO’s and Sales Training, Again.

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It’s that time of year again Sales Enablement Practitioners: your annual sales kickoff is right around the corner. Your audience was in-person a couple years ago. Last year it was virtual. For many Sales Enablement Practitioners, this year it’s both!

The hybrid office culture now requires more flexibility, more cultural awareness, and new approaches to designing successful events. We have been challenged with re-envisioning the roles of virtual and in person experiences.

How does Sales Enablement deliver an engaging experience and impactful learning to a split audience, and make it better than before without doing 10x the work?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– First-hand accounts on how to design a world-class SKO or sales training for hybrid teams
– Models for a split-audience that boost retention and engage sellers
– How to get remote salespeople “feeling connected” to their in-person teams and company culture
– How to coach presenters to evolve from presenting to interacting
– Effective ways to collaborate with the audience, leading up to the event
– How to win over those stakeholders who are waiting for a return to all in-person events that may never come

And Much More!

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