Leading and Coaching at Scale in a Remote World

How to Scale Up Coaching for a Hybrid Future

Are you managing a hybrid team?

Organizations are completely rethinking their remote work strategies and scores of managers are still figuring out how to coach large, dispersed teams that are no longer within arm’s reach. 

Coaching is more important than ever, but it’s even harder  to mentor effectively when you can’t be with your team.

Before the pandemic, most teams worked in the office—only 15% of companies had mostly remote workforces. But research now reveals that, no matter how the pandemic plays out, employees’ preference for flexibility will persist.

Companies will need new tools and strategies to tackle leadership, coaching, and mentoring at scale in a hybrid world.

This new eBook presents key research findings from Allego and Brandon Hall Group to help you thrive in this new environment.

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  • Practical strategies for balancing remote work and the return-to-work 
  • New ways leaders can stay connected to their teams in a hybrid workplace
  • Key data insights for managing remote teams effectively
  • How to scale remote coaching and mentoring efficiently

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