Maintaining Collaboration in a Hybrid World: How Pharmacosmos Managed the Change to Virtual Onboarding and Collaboration

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Pharmacosmos Therapeutics, a Danish pharmaceutical company, received an FDA approval in January of 2020 that expanded their business into the United States. While this presented an exciting opportunity, it also posed a challenge: How could their lean L&D team replicate the company’s strong, collaborative culture on the other side of the globe during a pandemic?

Watch this 30-minute LTEN webinar, sponsored by Allego, where Melissa Young, Associate Director of Sales Training and Development at Pharmacosmos Therapeutics, will share how she used cutting-edge sales enablement tools to keep her team connected and productive throughout one of the most important periods in the company’s history. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to keep your team connected and collaborative in a hybrid environment
  • The most effective ways to onboard and train virtually with sales readiness technology
  • Why being virtual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your product launch strategy
  • Technology’s role in the future of workplace culture

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Melissa Young, Associate Director Sales Training and Development
Pharmacosmos Therapeutics Inc.










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