Making It Count: How to Tie Sales Enablement to Business Outcomes

Are your sales enablement programs improving the company’s bottom line?

Understanding the value of sales learning and enablement is not straight-forward. Many organizations struggle to prove the impact of their efforts.

Tying sales enablement activities to business outcomes is essential to ensure you get buy-in to current initiatives and resources for future plans. But you’ve got to have the numbers to prove it.

Find out how to ensure your organization’s sales enablement activities are producing real and long-term business value.

Download our new guide to get actionable advice that will help you to correlate activities with business outcomes and prove the impact of sales enablement on revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • How to prove the value of essential sales learning and enablement initiatives
  • How to overcome 3 challenges of demonstrating ROI
  • 6 questions to ask to help define your desired outcomes
  • Metrics to prove your efforts produce tangible business results
  • 5 ways to show business impact for sales onboarding, training, and coaching

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