Mastering Virtual Selling: How to Orchestrate Sales Success in a Hybrid World

Are you a master at virtual selling? Should you be?

Only 20% of B2B buyers say they want to return to in-person sales. It turns out, most of your customers prefer virtual meetings.

Selling has changed. To succeed in a virtual-first world, you must adapt to a new way of working.

You know you can’t just flip your meetings to Zoom. It’s going to take critical new skills to succeed.

Stream on-demand to learn from the authors of a new book Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success.

  • Yuchun Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Allego
  • Mark Magnacca, President and Co-Founder of Allego
  • Tony Jeary, The RESULTS Guy™

We’ll go behind the curtain to show you how to leverage technology, advance pipeline opportunities, and successfully engage more prospects in less time, at lower costs, while reducing the sales cycle.

You’ll learn:

  • A new paradigm that is critical to virtual selling success
  • Critical skills for “Frontstage” and “Backstage” selling activities
  • Advantages of team selling and the last days of the “lone wolf”
  • What “good” virtual selling looks like for top sales organizations
  • Practical recommendations for adapting sales to a virtual environment

…and much more.

You’re the maestro. Our new book is the sheet music. And virtual selling is your symphony. We’re here to tell you that if wielded correctly, your conductor’s baton can create sales triumphs better than in-person selling ever could.

Save your seat today.


Yuchun Lee

Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego, has a proven business track record, serving as CEO of marketing automation provider Unica, guiding it through a successful IPO and sale to IBM. Yuchun is also an Executive in Residence at venture firm General Catalyst Partners, the Executive Chairman of customer experience software firm Clarabridge, serves on the board of Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX), and is an Executive Advisor with Summit Partners, a global venture and private equity firm.

Mark Magnacca

Mark Magnacca, President and co-founder of Allego, has an extensive track record of bringing ideas and businesses to life. After starting a financial planning company right out of college and selling it a decade later, he then started a sales consulting business to support a wide range of financial services companies as they began their digital transformation. This work led to the founding of Allego. He is the author of So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience and The Product is YOU!

Tony Jeary

Strategist, executive coach, and facilitator Tony Jeary is known as The RESULTS Guy™ because he helps clients get the right results faster. He is a unique, powerful facilitator and subject-matter expert who has impacted millions worldwide, including personally coaching dozens of CEOs from the Fortune 500 and the Forbes Richest 400. He has authored over 60 books, 26 on the subject of presentation effectiveness.

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