Modern Sales Enablement Tools: Reinventing Field Training

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It can be a struggle to maintain a consistent onboarding process for new hires while also training veteran sales reps on new products and messaging. With no standardized process in place, trainers can get bogged down tracking required training and sharing results with the appropriate managers, while new reps wait for direction. Without a consistent onboarding experience, the time to first sale can be slowed.

Learn how one company solved the problem in this 30-minute LTEN webinar, sponsored by Allego. During the event, Emily Mason, Sales Trainer at ResMed, describes how they automated and standardized the onboarding and training processes.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to leverage modern sales enablement tools to:

  • Create a standardized, automated process for onboarding new reps
  • Eliminate the need to serve as a go-to library by creating a central content hub
  • Reduce the time reps spend sharing best practices with one another by creating a best practice channel, accessible to reps across time zones from any mobile device
  • Maximize time spent together in the national sales meeting by offering a simple, engaging and measurable way to complete pre-work
  • Achieve greater alignment with Marketing by creating shared content channels

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emily mason headshotEmily Mason
Sales Trainer, ResMed





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