Forrester Report: Agile Content Strategies Deliver Business Results and Drive Sales Adoption

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Agile sales content can be a game changer.

New Forrester research shows that agile content delivers business results, yet companies still fail to integrate it into their sales and marketing practices.

  • 53% of respondents believe their sales reps risk failing to meet quotas or losing important customers without better content
  • 48% want to increase the use of their sales and marketing content
  • 47% want to improve business goal achievement

Allego commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore how marketing and sales teams use and benefit from agile content.

Forrester conducted an online survey with 440 respondents and four interviews with sales enablement strategy decision-makers in North America to explore this topic.

We found that organizations understand the value of agile content, but can’t always produce and use agile content across the enterprise.

This recent Forrester report, Agile Content Strategies Deliver Business Results And Drive Sales Adoption, reveals how sales content has evolved and how business leaders must adapt.

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Download your copy today to see how you can overcome business pressures changing sales content management.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 key sales content research findings
  • Why marketing content is an essential sales tool
  • How lack of resources and incentives limit sales content impact
  • 3 agile content best practices to increase buyer engagement
  • 4 recommendations to gain significant business benefits

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