Reimagining the Sales Training Experience: How Agile Learning Improves Performance

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In an increasingly hybrid and distributed workforce, relying on in-person and live online training is no longer good enough to drive meaningful results. There’s too much to cover, competition for learners’ attention is fierce, and delivering a truly flexible and personalized learning experience is more important than ever.

Learning needs to happen at the moment of need—and in the flow of work—to deliver meaningful impact. It sounds easy, but doing this well can be more challenging than it seems.

During this webinar, Allego’s Chester Liu, VP of Growth, and Jonathan Carlson, Senior Marketing Director, will explore how to create the optimal experience for learning, skills development, communication, and collaboration.

You’ll gain insights on:

  • Integrating learning content into the flow of work—no matter where or when employees are
  • Curating and creating training content that makes an impact at the time of need
  • Using learning for more than skill development and engaging your team in the process

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Jonathan Carlson, Senior Director of Marketing, Allego
Jonathan is a marketing leader with a proven track record of generating demand in industries ranging from sales training to OTT TV streaming to marketing and advertising technology. At Allego, Jon oversees demand, operations, and content marketing efforts to ensure the company continually hits its targets and shares its story of modern workforce learning and readiness with the world.


Chester Liu, VP of Growth, Allego
Chester Liu is currently VP, Growth at Allego, the leading all-in-one modern sales enablement platform.  At Allego, Chester is responsible for generating new business.  He is one of the few sales leaders who has followed an atypical career path from marketing to sales enablement to sales leadership.  He has delivered on consistent revenue growth quarter after quarter by applying the principles of qualitative and quantitative sales enablement to his team.

Prior to Allego, Chester was responsible for starting sales enablement teams from scratch at three high tech companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500.  He is an active member of the Sales Enablement Society and promotes sales and marketing alignment through customer engagements and consulting opportunities

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