Research Report: Who Owns Sales Enablement?

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Who Owns Sales Enablement?
New Research Reveals How Winning Companies Define Sales Enablement

Question: How do companies today ensure that sellers have the right training and resources to be the best they can be every day?

Answer: Sales enablement.

Companies around the world are dealing with digital transformation, shifting markets, slimmer budgets, changing business priorities … and growing customer expectations.

But sales enablement as a fully defined and holistic initiative is in its infancy at many companies, if there is a dedicated function at all.

Allego’s new, independent research reveals what a successful sales enablement team looks like. We surveyed 330 B2B sales and marketing leaders to find out how they’re winning (or not) with sales enablement.

Download this new research report to learn:

  • New findings about the obstacles to sales enablement success—and how a lack of training hurts revenue
  • 5 top pain points of sales enablement teams
  • 4 actionable recommendations to upgrade your sales enablement
  • 3 ways sales enablement drives revenue growth and produces more effective sellers

Download our new research report to get the latest insights into this emerging function and the challenges companies face without it.

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