(Results Are In!) What B2B Sales Leaders Really Think About Sales Enablement Tools

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A whopping 82% of sales leaders say trying to get reps to use sales tools feels like a second job!

Are you one of them?

Low adoption of sales tools by reps is a common problem, and it keeps getting harder, as the number of solutions proliferates.

Sales teams use more tools every year—from sales learning, sales coaching and conversation intelligence, to CRM and sales content management.

Increasingly, sellers don’t know which tools to use or when to use them—and this can end up undermining the impact of those tools.

We surveyed 330 B2B sales and marketing leaders to find out the pros and cons of their current technology stacks. Download our On-Demand webinar to learn what they said…

During this webinar, we’ll walk you through the latest research, including:

  • 7 new findings about the current state of sales enablement tools
  • How sales leaders and sellers feel about the tools they use
  • The downside of using multiple sales enablement tools
  • 3 recommendations to build your sales enablement tech stack

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Ginna Hall, Sr. Content Marketing Manager and Research Coordinator, Allego
Ginna Hall is a senior marketing communications strategist and content creator specializing in B2B technology. She is lecturer at the College of Communication at Boston University. Prior to joining Allego she developed marketing content for Nielsen and early stage startups.



Tiffany Clark, Director of Sales Operations, Allego
Tiffany is a successful sales operations leader with over 8 years of experience in the technology industry. She specializes in streamlining business processes, optimizing workflows, and managing internal systems. Tiffany has a long track record of designing, developing, and implementing processes that accelerate key drivers for business and sales behavior.

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