Sales Learning in a Buyer's World: Why Your Learning Management System Isn't Enough

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We used to live in a seller’s world. Now, B2B buyers may spend only 5% or 6% of their time with any one sales rep, according to Gartner.

Today’s sellers have new challenges. Buyers can compare products without ever meeting with a sales representative. It’s more difficult to stand out or differentiate your product.

Companies need a sales learning solution built for sales.

If you’ve been relying on a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) to train your sellers, it’s time to add the capabilities today’s teams need to thrive.

Download the Sales Learning in a Buyer’s World eBook to find out why your LMS can’t give a sales team what it needs to succeed.

You’ll learn:

  • How selling has changed and new demands of B2B buyers
  • Why effective sales learning is the ultimate competitive advantage
  • 6 essential capabilities of modern sales learning
  • Key differences between LMS, LXP, and agile platforms
  • 4 ways modern learning platforms drive engagement and behavior change

Don’t get left behind. Find out how you can equip your sellers with the learning, coaching, and content they need to succeed.

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