SS&C Report: The Use of Sales Enablement Technologies by Asset Managers

A recent SS&C report found that 90% of all surveyed asset management firms will be adopting a training and coaching platform in 2019, and of those, the overwhelming majority will be utilizing Allego.

This report examines the growing adoption of sales learning and readiness technology across the asset management industry.

Within the report, you’ll see a snapshot of sales technology investments by asset managers, and find out about their future plans. You’ll learn about:

  • Sales enablement technology trends in the asset management industry
  • Key technology investments to consider, including sales learning and readiness platforms, upgraded customer relationship management platforms, and modernized analytics solutions
  • The four technologies that will be ubiquitous among asset managers firms by the end of 2019

Download the report to learn what the majority of asset management firms already know – Allego can drive increased effectiveness and performance.