Tapping the Conversation Intelligence Goldmine: How Marketers Can Extract Value from Customer Conversations

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It’s a tough climate for sellers. B2B buyers are harder to reach and B2B sales are more complex than ever.

Today’s buyers consume over a dozen pieces of content and have completed 90% of the purchase process before contacting a vendor (Gartner).

For today’s product marketers, creating content that supports this sales cycle has never been more challenging. You need collateral that directly addresses prospect objections and questions.

But developing resources that resonate with your customers isn’t easy. This can result in buyer frustration, lost opportunities, and missed revenue goals.

How can you hear the voice of the customer and learn from real-world selling situations? The answer is Conversation Intelligence—a goldmine of first-party customer data.

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Download this eBrief to find out how you can leverage this new tool to create deal-winning content.

You’ll learn:

  • What Conversation Intelligence is—and why it matters to marketers
  • 11 ways to tap the Conversation Intelligence goldmine for content that moves deals through the pipeline
  • Tactics for audience-centric content that generates sales conversations and closes deals
  • How to fuel content development with hot topics, buyer questions, and objections
  • Insights into which sales conversation topics and content correlate with success

Don’t get left behind. Find out how you can create winning sales content that delivers maximum impact.

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