The 2022 Guide to Intelligent Sales Enablement – Conversation Intelligence, Virtual Coaching, and Content Recommendations

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Over the last few years, cognitive technologies like machine learning and conversation intelligence have dramatically impacted how sellers learn and engage with content.

Previously unmined data is now driving key insights and learning. Previously unheard call recordings are now curated into sellers’ onboarding and training. And long-forgotten content is now being surfaced to reps at just the right time.

Join for our free webinar as Aragon’s Lead Analyst, Jim Lundy, and Allego’s CMO, Wayne St. Amand, guide you through the latest intelligent enablement technologies and use cases.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Integrate conversation intelligence into your training and coaching programs
  • Scale coaching with AI while maintaining human-to-human connection
  • Leverage machine-generated, next-best-action recommendations
  • Provide real-time insights to your reps that enable sales agility
  • Arm reps with the right content at the right time, in the flow of their work

For sales and enablement leaders, it’s not a question of IF you should leverage these new technologies, but HOW. That’s what this webinar will show you.

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Jim Lundy – Founder and CEO, Aragon Research Inc.
Jim Lundy founded Aragon Research in August 2011 and over the last ten years has built the  firm into one of the premier research and advisory services firms based in Silicon Valley. Today,  Aragon has hundreds of clients, and the firm helps them with everything from vendor  evaluation, product positioning, competitive strategies and overall go-to-market. 

Innovation has been a key part of Aragon’s focus. Besides its market vision and identification of  over 9 new software categories in the last ten years, Aragon offers Visual Research, which has  shifted the Industry Analyst Research Market from Document based PDF reports to ones that  have that plus video summaries that go with every research note. 

As an Analyst, Jim serves as the lead analyst for collaboration, Unified Communications and  Collaboration, Intelligent Contact Center, content management, content AI, digital workplace,  learning and sales engagement.  

Jim has over 30 years of technology and management experience as a vendor, user, and  analyst. Jim spent 12 years at Gartner, where he formed and led the collaboration and social  software research team and also served as lead analyst for enterprise content management  (ECM) and corporate learning. Jim has extensive experience in product strategy, development,  and go-to-market plans. 

Prior to founding Aragon Research, Jim was the VP/general manager of the collaboration  business unit at Saba Software. Jim also spent 15 years at Xerox in a variety of software and  hardware sales and marketing positions. Jim has a B.S. in finance from Penn State University.


Wayne St. Amand, Chief Marketing Officer, Allego
Wayne is responsible for driving business expansion through Allego’s global corporate and product marketing initiatives. A seasoned marketing leader, Wayne most recently served as global CMO & SVP of Nielsen’s Marketing Effectiveness business unit. Wayne has a long track record of accelerating the growth of technology businesses, playing a key role in one IPO and three $100+ million exits.

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