The Art of Driving Deals Forward: How to Leverage the Right Content at the Right Time for Maximum Impact

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It’s no secret that B2B buyers have higher standards and expectations for each sale they’re involved in. And their attention is short and fleeting. This makes each touchpoint all the more important.

To meet their needs, sellers not only need the right content at the right time, but they also must deliver that content for maximum impact. This doesn’t happen unless they have a good plan, supporting processes, and effective training.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to give your sellers exactly what they need to drive sales forward. You will get:

  • Step-by-step instructions for  equipping your salespeople with content that’s relevant, easy to find, and personalized in the moment of need
  • Strategies to align content with your go-to-market and sales funnel
  • Best practices to equip sellers with the information they need to deliver the perfect pitch every time
  • Advice for building strong peer-to-peer connections and a sharing culture
  • Strategies to accelerate content-driven results using virtual tools such as Digital Sales Rooms (and you’ll learn why traditional tactics are no longer enough)

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Jake Miller
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Allego
Jake Miller joined Allego after commercial launch to help establish product marketing and lead ongoing strategic use case development and commercialization efforts. Jake is passionate about sales performance and incorporates his experience as a salesperson in the commission-only high-ticket retail world into his approach for product marketing at Allego.




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