The Asynchronous Advantage: How to Communicate, Collaborate, and Capture Knowledge in a Hybrid World

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Asset management, banking, and insurance organizations of all sizes are working hard to adapt quickly to a hybrid world. In an environment where meeting in person is now rare, you must bring on new communication, knowledge sharing, and enablement mechanisms to ensure your team is prepared to succeed.

Everyone knows how important it is to understand what you are selling at a deep level, but this can be much more difficult when teams aren’t in the office every day to collaborate with—and learn from—one another. There’s an urgent need to capture institutional knowledge and make it easily accessible at the time of need.

Watch this on-demand recording to hear Joseph D. Kringdon, former Managing Director, Columbia Threadneedle and President, Pioneer Investments, describe how asynchronous video communication and collaboration can help take your hybrid team’s performance to the next level.

You’ll learn:

  • How the right training can help you attain greater market share by aligning your team on messaging
  • Best practices for capturing and sharing institutional knowledge across the organization
  • Actionable steps to replicate the behavior of your top performers
  • How the right technology can help you drive and accelerate skill development

This session was first presented at the Financial Services Learning & Talent Development Innovations Conference in October 2021. Allego was a platinum sponsor of the event.

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