The Continuous Learning Framework: How to Keep Your Sales Team ahead of the Game

Impersonal. Rigid. Ineffective. For too long, these are the terms that have been associated with professional learning and training. Yet year after year, organizations spend thousands of dollars on learning tools and programs that are destined to fail.

It’s time for a change.

In this webinar, guest speaker Peter Ostrow, VP, Research Director at Forrester, will introduce you to the Continuous Learning Framework. Along with Allego’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Jake Miller, he’ll help you discover new ways to keep your sales team engaged, motivated, and always improving.

You’ll learn:

  • Why traditional learning programs have never been enough to effectively train your sales team
  • The four elements that are critical to the development and success of a continuous learning program
  • How sales enablement tools like Allego can help you design and implement effective learning initiatives that keep your reps running at full speed, at all times

…and much more.

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