Sales Enablement Kit | Do More With Less

How to Consolidate Sales Enablement Tools and Do More with Less

Has your sales tech spend been put on hold? Has your budget been cut? It’s time to do more with less.

Budgets are mostly flat or shrinking, but you still need to onboard and train a super-productive sales force. In fact, a well-trained sales team is even more critical these days.

If you’re relying on a fragmented approach using multiple tools for sales enablement, you risk lower adoption, poorly trained sellers, and fewer sales. There are solutions that help you to do more with less.

Tech stack consolidation not only makes sense from a financial perspective, but with fewer tools to learn and manage, your team will see greater adoption and more satisfied users.

Allego has helped hundreds of sales organizations deliver results and ROI. That’s why we created a comprehensive Do More with Less Kit—to help you figure out how to consolidate sales enablement tools and still maximize revenue, engagement, and results.

What you get: A pack of how-tos, including How to Tie Sales Enablement to Business Outcomes eBook, Sales Enablement Tech Stack checklist, Benefits of Tech Stack Consolidation infographic, and more—all in one helpful kit.

Download your kit to learn how to:

  • Cut costs by eliminating subscriptions to redundant tools
  • Calculate and improve sales enablement ROI
  • Reduce workload with a seamless administration of a single solution
  • Increase user adoption with access to content and training without switching tools
  • Get a 360-degree view of activity and content correlated with success

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