The Future is Here: Learning Strategy 2021

It’s Time for Learning to Become Strategic

A virtual decade’s worth of change happened over the past six months, radically altering how organizations operate—including the ways teams learn, train, and collaborate.

New research from Allego and Brandon Hall Group reveals how the landscape will continue to shift in the year ahead.

The shutdown confirmed the need for agility. Those with a nimble learning strategy were able to pivot; the rest struggled. As the workforce reemerges, organizations must grapple with what learning looks like in a “post-pandemic” world.

One thing is clear: things will not go back to the way they were. Though the number of remote workers won’t stay as high as it is during the pandemic, it will not return to 2019 levels.

This new eBook presents key research findings from Allego and Brandon Hall Group to help you thrive in this new environment.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How learning strategies must shift to align with changing business priorities
  • Important differences between how organizations and their employees think about working remotely
  • Virtual tools and resources remote employees need to collaborate and feel connected to their colleagues
  • How digital learning must evolve to help organizations succeed when the pandemic eases

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