The Hybrid Sales Kickoff Playbook

How to Train Your Sellers in a Virtual World

Planning a Successful Sales Kickoff

Sales kickoff season is here. It’s time to celebrate the successes of the past year, train your sellers, crank up the energy, and motivate everyone for the next twelve months.

A successful national sales meeting or kickoff is critical. It’s important to set goals for the coming year, align on key initiatives, and learn new strategies and tactics for succeeding in a hybrid world.

B2B sales have changed. Like consumers in the B2C space, business buyers developed new habits during the pandemic. Many now prefer digital interactions. They want self-directed experiences, online and on their own time.

McKinsey research shows that 80% of buyers now prefer virtual engagements.

Organizations must be more flexible than ever. Sellers—working from the office or remote—must meet buyers where they are—also working from the office or remote.

Now, more than ever, you’ve got to use your sales kickoff to prepare your team for an unpredictable virtual world.

How to Deliver a Hybrid SKO

There’s no one-size-fits all SKO this year. Some organizations are working in the office, some are fully remote, and some are hybrid. With so much uncertainty, planning your sales meeting may feel like a daunting task.

What are your options if you can’t bring everyone together for several days of training, breakout sessions, and banquets?

This year, you have to rethink every aspect of your meeting—from subject matter expert presentations to handouts to role playing—not to mention how to foster the networking and collaboration that goes on when you’re face to face.

And what about fun? A big part of a successful sales meeting is ramping up the energy and giving reps a boost to hit the ground running for the next sales cycle.

Don’t let time zone conflicts and geographically dispersed teams disrupt your national sales meeting. Even when your sales force is hybrid, there are still ways you can meet your goals, maximize the value of your kickoff, build connections, and recognize your top performers.

There are several proven tactics that organizations can employ to deliver a hybrid sales meeting that also trains your sellers to compete in a hybrid world.

Mastering Sales Enablement With Allego’s All-In-One-Solution

Mastering sales enablement means investing in the tools your organization needs. You could cobble together multiple platforms with a range of capabilities, but the most efficient approach is a solution that delivers training, content, and coaching all in one place.

When you implement a robust sales enablement platform, you save time and resources and gain the ability to scale across your organization.

Team Collaboration

Allego® is built for dynamic learning, content, and collaboration anytime, anywhere. You can empower your organization with mobile, interactive technology built for the way today’s virtual teams work—all through a single platform. Allego drives success with these key capabilities:

  • Virtual Selling: Engage buyers virtually at every stage of the sales process with interactive, personalized experiences and content.
  • Sales Content Management: Create, manage, and optimize sales content with context for greater effectiveness through marketing and sales collaboration.
  • Onboarding and Training: Bolster engagement, behavior change, and retention with virtual programs that shorten ramp time and produce measurable business value.
  • Coaching and Collaboration: Target skill gaps with conversation intelligence and point-in-time feedback. Drive team productivity by connecting sellers, managers, internal experts, and peers with the knowledge needed to win.
  • Launches and Rollouts: Accelerate proficiency, drive the use of strategic content, and ensure reps articulate key messaging for every prospect’s need.

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