The Manufacturer’s Guide to Sales Enablement

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No part of the manufacturing industry has been immune to the effects of the pandemic—especially sales.

Your sellers face a unique set of challenges: Supply chain instability, new customer expectations, and market volatility.

B2B buyers prefer digital engagement. The sales environment is more competitive. The sales cycle is more complex.

It’s a new way of doing business—one that calls for a new way of empowering your sales team.

Today, manufacturing and industrial vendors need tools and training that help sales teams perform better and create engaging buyer experiences.

This Guide gives you the tactics you need to engage B2B buyers, close more deals, and thrive in this new environment.

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  • 3 B2B trends manufacturers need to pay attention to
  • How to maximize revenue with manufacturing sales enablement
  • 4 pillars of a modern sales enablement strategy
  • Strategies for onboarding and training sales teams in a hybrid environment
  • Sales enablement tactics used by today’s leading manufacturers

PLUS: The Manufacturing Sales Enablement Checklist

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