The Product Marketer's Product Release Checklist

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Quick Reference Guide for Product Marketers


When releasing a new product, marketing can make or break the launch.

It’s up to product marketing to plan the go-to-market strategy with stakeholders, select and update training content, update the website, and ensure sales knows everything about it—among the many tasks involved in a product release.

It’s a lot, involving many people, and it’s easy for things to be overlooked and fall behind schedule. That’s why you need a plan—and you must start preparing well in advance of the launch date.

This Product Release Checklist will help you.

Divided into three sections, it includes step-by-step guidance on how to craft the perfect product launch marketing plan.

Download the checklist to:

  • Learn release types and the type of communication for each
  • Get action points for each phase of a product release
  • See a list of key resources you need for a successful launch
  • Hit your goals for a successful product launch

As a product marketer, you’re responsible for accelerating seller proficiency, driving the use of strategic content, and ensuring sales reps articulate key messaging. With this checklist, you’ll hit all those goals.

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