Sales Call Research Report: Best Practices of Top-Performing Sales Reps

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Sales deals are won or lost in sales conversations. Yet, 84% of buyers say reps don’t convey value effectively. Poor sales call performance may be driving down your win rates and revenue.

Sales leaders struggle with a lack of visibility into sales conversations. What do top performers do differently?

In partnership with Sales Insights Labs, Allego analyzed nearly 24,000 sales conversations. We compared the calls of top performing sales reps with those of lower performers.

We uncovered exactly what top performers do differently in a question-based, consultative approach compared to everyone else.

sales call research report

Download the report to learn:

  1. How often sales reps take turns when speaking with prospects.
  2. How long top performers’ calls are compared with lower performers.
  3. How top performers engage prospects during calls.
  4. Whether top performers speak more quickly or slowly than lower performers.
  5. If top performers ask more or fewer questions.
  6. What topics top performers discuss on calls.

Download your copy of the Sales Call Research Report to see six findings and six best practices for sales reps who want to learn from top performers.



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